Monday, September 12, 2011

Leeds Castle & Bridal Makeup day

Today was my first time assisting a makeup artist doing a bridal look. I was over the moon when I realized the wedding ceremony was held at Leeds Castle in/near Kent. OMG it was sooooo beautiful and it was such an experience. Got to see another makeup artist at work, doing a hair up as well took in and learnt some tips and hints :P Scenery was absolutely amazing worth me waking up at 6am! We got lost afterwards trying to find our car lol but we found a lovely guy who was so kind even offered to help us find the we got to hop onto the golf car and drive around!! wohoo what a fun and tiring day out..Just a few pictures of Leeds Castle, the bride's room.

That little girl was the so cute - she pointed at the bride and said
"We're matching"
"Im getting married too!"

was windy but i manage to get a decent shot :)

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