Thursday, June 7, 2012

Handmade cupcake soaps

Hi guys check out these cute cupcake soaps my friend is making at home.. Looks sooo delicious, I just want to eat them! Can't wait till she send me some to try hahaha :D



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Photoshoot - Jubilee bank holiday

My bank holiday was pretty packed, manage to fit in a photoshoot with the lovely model and talented photographer.

Here a few of the behind the scene images with my good old iPhone 4s..

First runner up of Britain's and Ireland's next top model 2011..the lovely Juste 

The photographer

The Makeup desk

Ootd.. Attending a wedding

Jubilee weekend was such a busy one for me, I attended a wedding which I had 2 hours to go back home and get ready and be at the restaurant by 6, unfortunatly because of the road closures I couldn't even get home, so me and my bf drove to brixton's Morley and took 15min to choose our outfits!!! What a rush, but we found it!!! Love everything a bought, well bf bought!! :D

40min to do my hair and makeup (without any brushes, good old technique.. Finger tips to apply and blend)

Top: Topshop
Skirt & Wedges: Miss Selfridges

Bf's shirt and trousers: Espirit

The beautiful wedges <3

Luckily I painted my nails last weekend, they lasted and matched my outfit perfectly :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Wear a Nude Lipstick

How to Wear a Nude Lipstick:

Click on the link above for great info and tips for those who struggle to find the perfect nude shade for your skin tone.

May's Nail Gallery

Coloured concealers and primers..what are they for? I'm a pretty forgetful person my memory is like a fish!! I always get confused with all these different coloured concealers/ primers and never remember the purpose of the colour correctors. So I've created this post to remind me of what each corrector is for and for me also to share with you what I know so I hope this will be useful information for those who struggle like me to remember or just don't really have a clue why there's so many different coloured concealers and primers!

Happy Reading :D 

Coloured concealers/primers? What to do with them!!

Greens – for red tones on the skin e.g spots, blemishes.

Yellows – Covers brown tones, such as age spots.

Peach/ Apricot/ Salmon/ Orange kind of colours - Cancels out blue, so great for dark under eyes or veins.

Purple/ Lavender - concealers/primers illuminates yellow undertones and helps brighten dull skin best to cover yellow bruises and sallowness in the skin. (On bronze skin tones it is good for dark spots and under eye circles – giving you a glowing complexion.)

So which colour to use on which skin problem?

Those who suffer from dark shadows, under eye circles, veins? Use anything with a yellow (apricot, salmon, orange) base it fights the blues. (TIP: to reduce sallow eyes find two spoons, make sure they’re pretty cool and place them under your eyes for a few secs – it does a good job!)

Want to cover a tattoo for a special occasion or just want to hide it? Then opt for yellow bases or find the perfect skin tone match - use something that’s waterproof and heavy duty.

If your skin is feeling fatigue, sallow, and you suffer from yellow complexions? The use a lavender coloured primer, this helps fill in any (fine) lines and even out skin tones for a bright and dewy glow. (TIP: You can either apply the primer/concealer first to the area or whole face or mix it with your foundation – both technique works wonders.)

Dark (aging) spots, Acne scars? Shouting for some yellow loving! (Tip: pat and layer using fingertips the warmth will help it sit on the skin nicely then cover with a skin tone match concealer (if needed - this is optional) then foundation all over - make sure not to rub otherwise those steps would be pointless.)

Got a bruise? A fresh bruise (yellow, brown in colour) needs some lavender concealer. Red tone bruises can be covered with a green concealer.

Suffer from Acne, red blotchiness, rosacea? Green concealers will help dissolve the the redness in the skin (TIP: pat and layer with fingertips) be careful when layering as too much may attract unnecessary attention to the area.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bright eyes and blending colours

I was inspired by Asian Wedding makeup how bright and bold colours are used confidently to express the outfit and jewelry. It's essential to pick colours from the material that complement the pieces. Last night I decided to experiment by mixing some colours together to create a dramatic yet soft eye. Mixing shades and adding contrasting colours draw attention to the eye, by blending it softens and creates an elegant and seductive look. I also used bottom eyelashes to enhance my eyes (tricky application but once you get the hang of it its easy! however it didn't feel to comfortable!)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My life in pictures from instagram

It's been a couple of months since I've blogged, life's been pretty boring and the weather's been rubbish.. But here are a few pictures of food, my cats and purchases from the past few months. Follow me on instagram @megsiee

Today's nails

The dull weather outside has made me feeling a bit blue so i've decided to brighten up my day with some bright and glittery nails :) perfect start to my blogging again.

I used:
Misa nail lacquer - girls night out
Hollywood nail art - white & gold glitter

Monday, February 13, 2012

Neglected..i'm sorry

This blog of mine has been very much neglected since November last year and i am sorry, i have been very busy concentrating on pursuing my second goal in life :) ..i promised myself ill get back to blogging very soon.