Monday, September 12, 2011

Individual eyelash home DIY

So i was just bored one day at home and thought to myself..randomly..hmm i should do them individual eyelashes myself (3 stands ones). So I went online and did some research/YouTube-ing and bought some glue and remover from Salon System for £9.08 including P&P on rather cheap actually, same products I found on Sally's website but for £5.15 exc vat for the adhesive only. 

This glue is used at Shavata, House of Fraser
So this is what you would need:

1. Clusters of 3 Individual Lashes - Personal preferences on length I used short - in the pictures they are medium because the shorts are now on

2. Tweezers - Any make/size etc

3. Individual Lash Adhesive - Make sure it is an adhesive for individual lashes and not strip. It is a much stronger glue, read the description and make sure it says something like semi permanent or longer lasting or holds for weeks. (something like that)

4. Individual Lash Remover - You wont need it just yet but have it just incase, when you need to take them off its handle to have around.

and a mirror - if you have a magnifying mirror that would be even better!


So firstly set out your little station get your lashes ready, pour some glue onto the clear lid of the lash box. (pea size will do)

Get a lash out of the box using tweezers, then dip the lash into the glue so you have a little ball at the end.

Raise your eyebrow and using your other hand place it where your socket is and pull the skin. Insert the lash from the outer corner in above you waterline under your natural lashes. The glue dries very quick so you wont need to hold it down, the chemical may sting your eyes but it wont kill you, do try and make sure you don't get in on your eyeballs.

Repeat the steps again inserting each lash as closely as you can next to each other. Try and not start too far out and put lashed too close to the inner side of your eye as it may irritate you.

I used one pack for both eyes took about 20 minutes and


I love it..getting ready in the morning has shorten!! It's now half the time! :)

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