Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iphone Comic Book App

My boyfriend downloaded this really cool app called comic book, you can pick your photos and make a comic strip, add captions, stickers etc really cool. I spent 20min and this is what i made for my bf hehe

App - Comic Book
Price - £1.49 rrp

Here's the link to the app store preview http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/comicbook!/id436114747?mt=8

Bank Holiday weekend of fun!!

This bank holiday weekend has been so exhausting. Went out on Saturday and Sunday night both nights was fun packed! full of alcohol!!! lack of sleep and being in heels far too long..feet, back, whole body is aching mad!! had KFC and Macdonalds so bad but was much needed :) A few pictures (of course from the toilet breaks) from one crazy night out again!


Im wearing a black playsuit with a pink and black bow from Topshop Oxford Street concessions cant remember the price, bought it from the sales last summer..

love it!

Black tights from H&M 

Pack of 2 for £5.99 (i think!) really good quality and comfy fit

Makeup from barryM

Lipstick - Shocking Pink - £4.49 rrp
Lip gloss -  Bubblegum Pink - £4.49 rrp
From Superdrug
Had pink lipstick and Lipgloss from Barry M but cant see it in the pictures but here are the two products.. Hot Pink..Lovely colours. 
Lip stick stains your lips a bit but i guess thats a good thing if your out all night, just a touch of lipgloss and the colour is still there. the lipgloss smells of bubblegum, a bit like hubba bubba :)

Love this product - Nails inc, Special Effects 3D Glitter 'Sloane Square'

Nails Inc - Special effects - 3D Glitter
Sloane Square
£11.00 rrp

Just painted my nails with this Nails inc polish, Sloane Square. I am sooo in love with this, looks really good especially under spot light as the glitter reflects the light. There's mini glitter and larger ones which you get the fish scale like reflection colours. Been looking for a glitter polish in black and metallic for ages finally Nails inc made it..so happy. My favorite polish for this month!!! Really impressed with Nails Inc products, a few weeks back I tried the Nails Inc cracked effect look..another hot look! my bf is loving this, he says it's like sugar coating lol feels rigid not a smooth feel like normal varnishes but its okay it doesn't get in the way with daily tasks. Add two layers of Nails Inc top coats and it gives a glossy and long lasting finish :)

Nails inc products can be bought in many retailers such as House of Fraser, Debanhams, Nails inc boutiques and online shopping websites like ASOS.com

Stylistpick.com cont..

hmm got my email a few days ago with my stylist pick..nothing i really liked so I guess ill wait till next month to see if the picks are better.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey guys, have you seen this new site called stylistpick?

You basically do this little questionnaire about your style and preferences and from your answers the stylists including Britain got talent judge Grace Woodward will style your wardrobe and source out the best shoes and bags etc for you to every month. 

Its £39.95 including delivery and returns if necessary. Really cool site, just done my quiz and this is my style result :) 

Can't wait till I receive my email to see what goodies I've been styled with :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

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My beautiful bride.

20/08/10 - 21/08/10

My lovely 'twinny's' big day, she looked amazing, the day was perfect.

A day of a white wedding, cries of joy and laughter of happiness. 

A day of a traditional chinese wedding, full of games, fun and laughter, tea ceremony with an amazing food banquet. 

Maid of honor, best man and 7 sisters and brothers, all family and friends here to celebrate the biggest days of their lives.

Had such an amazing time and so glad to be apart of this wedding, laughed and cried too much, such an emotional weekend.

Just some pictures of the weekend I had.

oh..and I caught the bouquet!!! hehe

This baby was just way too cute!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Envy Green Makeup and Cracked nail effect

Just a quick post of my makeup of when I went out last Saturday and a few pictures of me out :)

I had individual eyelashes done that day at work too..first time getting them done :) will blog about them soon hehe

The Gang

Me and my partner in crime..oh the naughtiness we get up too

Oh and my cracked nail effect using Nails inc products :) amazing they have lasted me over one week! 

Delays :(

Hi..so sorry for the delays, I wont have time to update my blog much over the weekend or able to go into detail about the "blue makeup' I posted yesterday as Ive been so tired from work and a wedding to attend or weekend. But will def take loads pictures over the weekend and show my outfits on :) and makeup I've done :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Like Snow' Blue Makeup

Hii everyone,

Last week was my managers leaving doo :( she wanted us to come to work with crazy, extreme makeup. So..this is what i came up with in like a minute because I had no idea what to do and didn't want to go to work looking crazy, especially in the morning when the trains are packed :)

Hope you like it.

I used:
Barry M
Cover FX

Will go into details with the products tomorrow as its bed time for me now.

night night


My two Bridesmaid outfits - Under £100

Finally found my bridesmaid dresses..yaya
I had a budget of £100 to spent on two whole outfits, and here are my findings  :D

My Purple & Coral (looks pink in picture) bridesmaid dresses
From: Krisp
Price: Purple dress £34.99rrp, Coral dress £29.99rrp
Finally find two perfect dresses for the wedding, been shopping for weeks and couldn't find two dresses that fitted the brides brief of one coral and one purple coloured knee length dress. The price was excellent too, with my student discount i saved £6.50. So happy with these two purchases, highly recommend this shop, they do lovely dresses for the fraction of high street brands such as Lipsy.

From: Debenhams (Red Herring)
Price: £32rrp
My shoes are amazing, so in love with them, really good quality, well made and so comfy, they look similar to ones I've seen in Dune and KG but also for the fraction of the price too.

Total spent £90.48


Styled by soinlovewithfashion

Picked up some extra goodies as well today! :)

From: Topshop (L) £8.50 (R) £10.00 now only £1.50 each.. more bargains
I'm really into pastel colours these days

From: River Island was £14.99 now £7.00
The flowers are cute

Happy shopping day at Hemel Hempstead shopping center :)
Love shopping outside of London sometimes, such great findings


Monday, August 15, 2011

My 'OMG I love this!' Product time!!

Brand: Benefit Cosmetic
Product: Porefessional
One Liner (if you want to know :)): 'Complexion porefession in a tube'
Prime function: Base for foundation/powder/concealer
Price: £23.50 rrp
Can be found: Benefit Boutiques/Department Stores (Debanhams, John Lewis, Boots, House of Fraser etc)

With silicone extract this balm helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Can also be used on top of foundation, especially focusing on the T-zone as it helps matify and take away the shine, leaving you with a silky appearance, it feels really smooth too. It is very light weight, feels a bit like a powder, applies on easily. Really good for people with large pores/ fine lines you can really see results. Its also great just by itself as it gives the illusion that the skin is flawless to cover blemishes just use concealer and it blends in well with the balm giving you a really natural look. 

Brand: Batiste
Product: Dry Shampoo & Body Booster
Function: greasy hair? no time to wash it? not to worry...dry shampoo is here! bonus feature, it adds texture for instant volume.. YAYAH!!
Price: £3.99 rrp
Can be found in: Superdrug/Boots/Supermarkets etc

This stuff is amazing! Banishes greasy looking and feeling hair, in just a few sprays you get to where you want. I used to use the original one, there's different smells so leaves your hair not just looking good but smelling good too. I love this one in particular because its got this funny texture in it which makes hair rough, a bit of a powdery feeling adding volume/messy style that i am going for these days, superb for back combing/ just got out of bed look! great for people who's hair is flat and soft. I use this even if my hair isn't greasy because I just love what I can do to my hair with this and it holds/stays in till you wash, but I find it a bit hard to style the next day as its really rough and hard to brush, so ill end up tying it up still gives me a messy hair do look which i also like. Overall I Love it! :)

August Purchases

I love to collect new cosmetic products and building my collection. Today's purchases..love it! 

Finally got my Superdrug points card :) love that the fact its got a mirror, excellent for when your going out.

Purchase 1: from Sleek Cosmetics - 'Sunset'  - Mineral based eyeshadow  palette

Love the warm colours, great for settle smokey eyes. Will be using them for my friends wedding this weekend :) cant wait.
£6.49 rrp

Purchase 2: Nail Paint by BarryM Cosmetics (L to R) 304 Mint Green, 318 Peach Melba, 317 Blue Moon, 47 Black. In love with these pastel colours, need to brighten up my nails for the gloomy London weather, bought the black because mine ran out. Amazing price..adding to my collection
£2.99rrp Superdrug promotion 2 for £4.99