Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great website for Beauty Products

I just brought some products from this website and its great, you get to purchase  great products from countries such as Japan, Korea and China/HK for a reasonable price and there is no extra shipping cost.. its perfect, their website also includes an editor blog so which you can read up about products, hauls, tips and advice.

I just ordered a Sulwahsoo extra refining skincare travel set (£30.00) for myself and another 8 sets  (yes 8 sets!!lol) all to be shared among the ladies in our family because we have all fallen in love with their products, every member in my family found an improvement to their skin texture and complexion. 

Also ordered Missha  Perfect Cover BB Cream (£15.00) and Etude House Magic BB Cream SPF 30  (£9.00), the Missha one was one of their top 5 best sellers plus I've read some good review so will try that out and also Etude House BB cream, going to test them out once they arrive with according to them will take about 3 weeks!!! Cant wait till they come through the post!! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Quote of the Day


My Lovely Bubba, 

You inspire me, supported me, been there for me to fall. 

I made mistakes but you never lost faith in me and for these points I must say I love you dearly. 

Our 22 years of friendship is still growing strong, day by day, year by year.


Pamper Pamper

I love spending time every once in awhile being pampered having a relaxing day out, socializing and chilling. Its so therapeutic and de-stressing and seriously relaxes you… Makes you real happy. Gives yourself some me time you deserve it!! work extra hard and then treat yourself to something really nice :P go for it!

My routine for the coming months will be a lovely day trip every fortnight to my friends nail salon to pamper my little fingers and toes.

The environment and atmosphere really matters when your looking for an enjoyable day out, appealing d├ęcor and friendly staff really does make a difference. My day out on Wednesday to my friends salon was really enjoyable and relaxing it left me in a happy and chilled out mood all day, the staff was so bubbly and talkative, real talented nail technicians they are! left me so amazed at their work. Being offered tea and biscuit I was able to relax and talk to other girls who was there doing just what us girls love the most.

You Don't Know Jacques!

OPI 'You Don't Know Jacques!'
Got this colour 'You Don't Know Jacques!' by OPI on my nails now, it is gorgeous, simple and elegant with a bit of class, it differs from the normal dark shades of black, reds or blues, this brown really stands out. just ordered a set of these shades from Essie =] cant wait to receive them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sulwahsoo Extra Refining Cream

Sulwahsoo Extra Refining Cream 60ml

Omg!!!! This cream is amazing, I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I have seen a difference in my skin. I normally have really bad skin, breakouts and uneven skin tone which means a load of foundation to cover my imperfections and scars, but after using this cream for just 3 weeks my scars have started to slowly fade and im getting fewer outbreaks and pimples and a much better complextion. 10 out of 10!!!!!

Its made with Korean herbs and has a rich and smooth texture to it so little goes a long way. It contains a ingredient called Red Pine which is grown on a little island near the west coast of Korea where the air is unpolluted which adds to the value of this herb, it is said to promote firm and healthy skin, it also has anti aging benefits. Sulwahsoo Extra Refining Cream has a distictive aroma and it is adviced by Shuwahsoo experts that after applying the cream you should warm your hands and wrap it around your nose to take a breather of the herbs which will help relax you and provide you with the Red Pine energy.

Take a look at their website for there full range of products and thier step by step skincare routines and tips. 

This cream is only sold in stores in Korea and Hong Kong but can be purcahsed online, however prices are very shocked me to find out that this specific line is the most expensive range however with a lot of benefit, this cream sold online the cheapest I found was £294 ( YES!!!! Pricey right!!! it blue me away!!! However it is alot cheaper in Korea and Hong Kong near enough half the price. So if you have friends or family in those countries then you better tell them to get it for but defenately an amazing cream, just extremely pricey. I couldnt afford it just been stealing it from my granny because im broke and I've ran out of my creams so thought to research online and buy some for me and my gran but after finding out the prices I doubt ill be buying this cream unless im loaded lol just to much pennies for me to be saving, now im scared to even use too much lol got to make this cream last!!! why do these cream got to be so expensive! =[

Sunday, November 14, 2010

How hard is it to say 'NO'?

Sharing some Loving

me & my granny <3
My granny is the most amazing person to me in this world. She brought me up raised me to be the lady I am now. Although she was never there for me for the mistakes and the ups and downs of my life in the last two years she's not to blame because I choose that path and I made them decisions. But they will never be my regrets because that's how we learn to become a better person right?

My granny is my inspiration and my everything till this day I could still say I don't know what I'll do without her and there's been times where I'll wake up from my nightmares where I thought I've lost her (or nearly) and I really hope that day won't come because I really don't know what I'll do if she wasn't here for me... ever!!!!

My friends always laugh and say to me 'your just gonna be exactly like your gran when your older!' loool and I believe that's true, because just like her I love shopping, love beauty, pampering and everything pretty, cute and just enhance our outer and inner beauty in every possible way lol apart from going under the knife. Just like my gran I wish I can support my family and make those around me happy and keep there smiles on there faces. She's the most caring and generous person in this world, she's supported and helped everyone of us in the family to help us achieve our goals and make us great successes. Her beauty lies deep down her even though she's getting old she's getting there gracefully. :)

I love her to bits although I do get moments when I just (aint gonna use the word 'hate' lol) she just really annoys me!! But then I properly nag at my brother like how she nags at me ('us') her 6 children and 13 grandchildren lol yeaaa we our packed with members in our family tree and there's a lot more I haven't included.

The last 2 months was the first time in 4/5 years that I've actually spent some quality time home with her and I am happy I made that choice to spend my time at home with her, keeping her company, even if we don't talk and or spend that much time together, knowing that I'm just a few doors keeps her safe and worry free and vice versa.

I know I got to cherish her love and I'm fortunate to have someone like her in my life.

Granny <3 Who's been there for you thick and thin? Is there something or someone you just can't live without?

Friday, November 12, 2010

In LOVE with you

I am loving this shade 'Smokin Hot' from Essie, perfect for the cold windy days and it perfectly matches my style and colours im seriously digging at this season. Cant wait to check out all the other cool shades too!! they will be going on after these start chipping. More colours to my collection =P

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Moment of Collected Thoughts - Accusations!!

Why do we get accused????

Don't understand why people love to start rumours, like to exaggerate and make things bigger than what they are. Does it make them feel better? Does it make them happier when they see others getting hurt or suffer?

Why do some people like putting others down? Does it make that person feel better about themselves?

Or how can some people just treat others like dirt and have no moral or remorse in the actions or things they do or say.

Some people explains that this is a dog eat dog world, or to succeed sacrifice must be made. So do these make up for the reasons why people insult, betray and step above others to achieve their goals?

what are the reason for us being accused for certain things we do in life? for good or for bad we all get accused of something, some choose to stay quiet and let the truth speak for itself and some chooses to be the author of the story.

Has it been mistaken or is it all just a big mistake?

Monday, November 8, 2010


The time has come!! The wait is over for me!! YES!!...IMATS is back in town again. I am super excited and defiantly gonna be attending this year. For 2 days only on 29th and 30th January 2011, the IMATS will be held at Alexandra Palace. Ohh really can’t wait... I’ll be going with my two super awesome best friend, it will be an amazing day out, having a laugh with the girls and doing what we love the most, shopping, pampering, having a laugh and the experience where we can later look back and remember the good times we spent together =D

Can’t wait till get my hands on some new makeup to add to my collection and build up the little kit I have =P hehe Oooo and to see the experts in action. There will be a makeup museum where we will be amused by the top professionals with their display of art, fascinating us with the wonderful world of makeup history. There’s also an exciting list of speakers that will wow us with their knowledge and experiences. All sounds way too exciting. Not long to wait now =P

Tickets from:

£33.00 for one day

£55 for two days
Students get to go for cheaper
damn...I miss being a student =(

To purchase tickets the website is:

Check out their website for more info:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good news, Bad news, Choices, Dilemas.

So I've now graduated and it's every graduates worse nightmare, finding that job. That one job that you hope you'll end up loving and never want to leave, while still having fun because we all miss being students, all you do everyday all year round is drink!!!!! eat sleep and occasionally going into lectures to get that vital handout about those never ending assignments (well that was me of course). Oh how I miss them days.

I came out of uni with the ambition and desire to go into the industry I love, one to many of course. I wanted to become makeup artist, having my own beauty salon, becoming someone important and high up in a profession which should involve my degree in someway, somewhere a long the lines of marketing and advertising and media and cultural studies *deep breath* yes had to repeat that every time someone asked me 'So what do you study?'

Somewhere in that process of searching for my goal in life I got lost, stuck in this dream and reality, starting tiptoeing and jumping from one thing to another, afraid of never finding a job, having no income (no more student loan!!!) what was real and what was achievable, what was just a dream to big for me to reach or maybe with a lot of determination... I will get there cos like they say 'never give up your dream' and hey 'nothing is impossible if you just believe right?' well I tell myself that all the time and with my beautiful friends there to support and push me in the right direction I will one day make it!! oh yes I will!

So with all these dreams in mind, I decided to take some action into the problems that worried me. So of I go applying for jobs and researching on extra courses i can take. So I find these courses that I'm interested in and find a job which I would love to do, just hoping I'll pass the interview and get given the role. I get tied down with my other worry in life, my family (very complicated business).

And of course things never turn out the way I want. (Knew it was coming!)

So tomorrow I'm throwing myself into this job I have lined up that I have no clue about so learning from scratch so it's just like being back in uni where I'm going to be learning new things again this time round on something I'm not to interested about or keen on but hey it's life. You cant always get what you want right? Well at least i'll get that pay check at the end of the month where I can go out and get absolutely hammered of course (good old fun times) and feel rich for one day before I splash it all out on the alcohol and a massive shopping spree, oh yes! I can see that day coming.

I deciding to start this blogging business which has always intruded me but never really plucked up the courage to start one. Thought the time has come for me to start jotting down my thoughts and ideas and things I enjoy, as a way of relaxing, doing things I like, me time I suppose, and somewhere in this convo between me and you.. I'll find myself. =D

Friday, November 5, 2010

Here it goes...

Okay...this is my first attempt at blogging, still trying to work out how thing work on this, but once I get the hang of it =D the jabbering wont stop =P