Monday, September 26, 2011

New haircut inspired by Rihanna

Had my hair cut the other day, was meant to grow my hair long again but the wait was just too long but I was getting very inpatient it grew to my shoulders and this length is just so annoying as it keeps flicking out so I just decided to keep it short, so much easier to maintain. thinking to dye it a cherry red soon :)

I was inspired by a hair style Rihanna had sometime last year, short and straight cut at the back, shorter on one side and longer one the other.

Forever 21 - Sunday mini shopping spree

Was craving some shopping therapy yesterday lol so me and my bf took a quick trip to Oxford Street and I managed to quickly pop into Forever 21 to grab a few items.

The boyfriend decided to buy me things! :0 shocked but thank you bf for the goodies :) *sorry for the bad image

I love my lazy Sunday's getting out of bed and ready...* check time*  4pm :( only an hour or so to shop!! but still have time for a quick photo before we leave.


Friday, September 23, 2011

The business values that can be gained from customer’s feedback

'Seeking customer’s feedback in businesses is crucial; it determines your company’s success. Customer’s values, concerns and suggestions gives insight into how they feel about your business, reaching them at a personal level will help you understand their needs and wants and potentially help you seek a gap in the market. Furthermore any negative feedback can be turned into opportunities. Understanding and taking actions in these areas creates working relationships, as they feel more connected at a personal level. Customer’s loyalty will grow as their values are taken into consideration, they will then support your business, advertise using social channels and spread the word to families and friends widening your potential customer base.' Megan Chan

My First Glossy Box

My first Glossy Box arrived yesterday!!! 

What is Glossy box?

This is what I got this month..pretty cool and exciting too! Every month I get a little gift and surprise hehe :)

Olympia Beauty 2011

I visited the Olympia Beauty this year, it was my first time, wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be, have to say it was a bit of a let down to be honest or maybe because I didn't buy much! :( I thought it was really concentrated on nails and eyelashes, only a couple stalls were related to skin care and many stalls to promote their furniture and tools, but those were more located on the side and had smaller promotional display compared to the major nail company brands which were more located in the center. Just a few pictures of my day out

China Glaze display 
Yummy Chocolate Fondue 

Loads of Eyelashes!! These are the only things i bought..pack of 15! :)
Scary Machine - its made to rejuvenate skin
Outside - Olympia sign

More Nail Goodies

Hii guys during the week I went to this nail supplier and bought some new varnishes to add to my collection :) 

China Glaze - Cracked Concrete, OPI - Tainly Look Marvelous, OPI - Austin-Tatious Turquoise, OPI - Turquoise Shatter,  OPI - I Juggle Men, Essie- Coat Azure

Essie - Coat Azure
Manicure, Polish & Nail art

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Barry M - Mint Green Nail Paint

My mint green nails by Barry M with some extra art by Me :) Simple and cute

Happy 2nd Birthday Bubbles & Kiddy

Happy birthday to my two beautiful babies..they are my treasure, my star, my everything, they make me happy and keep me warm at you two so so much :)

Some pictures from the last two years.

Nails Nails Nails

So I plucked up the courage and actually took up a hobby of mine nails. My friend has been very nice and has offered to teach me, so this week I've been busy busy everyday practicing my painting skills, steady hands and started off learning the manicure treatments. Its been a fun and repetitive, its easy remembering the procedures but it's mastering the skill, being able to complete each treatment to a professional standard also having to be quick. My phone ran out of battery just as I was going capture all of the nails I've painted and nail arts I created :( gayy... However heres the nails I done for myself today and some nail art I tried doing :)

My dragonfly pattern

my blue & pink fade 

I've been told it takes about 3 months to completely master nails and to become fully professional nail technician...Cant wait till I am a pro :) really excited.

Also really looking forward to October as I will be starting my advance makeup course at London Muse. Will be updating and sharing my week long experience there.

This weekend Ill be purchasing some basic nails starter kit to practice at home and will also be attending Olympia Beauty..cant wait to purchase some goodies.

Cute Panda socks from Primark & Westfield Stratford

During the week I went to visit the new Westfield in Stratford (Europe's largest shopping center). Walking across the blue lit bridge from Stratford Station it felt like you was entering a different city, tall billboards, bold colours and brand names from all angles. The shopping center was massive much bigger than the one in White City, the food court was much full of variety, a choice from Carribean, Chinese, Thai, American, Spanish, Italian everything you want is under one roof. All major shop brands, a section of shops allocated for kids, uncountable fashion, makeup and accessories shops all the shoe and clothes a girl needs, but as expected it was so busy,   I got there after work at 7 and only managed to get some food and a quick browse at Primark and got these really cute panda socks :) Oh theres also a Vue cinema too..perfect!

I would recommend everyone to go shopping here, loads of high street names, lovely food court, coffee shops. An easy layout and such pretty decor makes it a more pleasant shopping experience. Ill be doing my Christmas shopping here soon! :)

Westfield Stratford - outside view 

Heres the link to there website to find out more about Westfield Stratford

Monday, September 12, 2011

Leeds Castle & Bridal Makeup day

Today was my first time assisting a makeup artist doing a bridal look. I was over the moon when I realized the wedding ceremony was held at Leeds Castle in/near Kent. OMG it was sooooo beautiful and it was such an experience. Got to see another makeup artist at work, doing a hair up as well took in and learnt some tips and hints :P Scenery was absolutely amazing worth me waking up at 6am! We got lost afterwards trying to find our car lol but we found a lovely guy who was so kind even offered to help us find the we got to hop onto the golf car and drive around!! wohoo what a fun and tiring day out..Just a few pictures of Leeds Castle, the bride's room.

That little girl was the so cute - she pointed at the bride and said
"We're matching"
"Im getting married too!"

was windy but i manage to get a decent shot :)

September Purchases - show time!!

My Coastal Scent concealer palette and 88 warm colour palette


more makeup!

My makeup and out for last weekend using my Coastal Scent warm palette 

Nails Inc new Magnetic effect 

outfit x

Individual eyelash home DIY

So i was just bored one day at home and thought to myself..randomly..hmm i should do them individual eyelashes myself (3 stands ones). So I went online and did some research/YouTube-ing and bought some glue and remover from Salon System for £9.08 including P&P on rather cheap actually, same products I found on Sally's website but for £5.15 exc vat for the adhesive only. 

This glue is used at Shavata, House of Fraser
So this is what you would need:

1. Clusters of 3 Individual Lashes - Personal preferences on length I used short - in the pictures they are medium because the shorts are now on

2. Tweezers - Any make/size etc

3. Individual Lash Adhesive - Make sure it is an adhesive for individual lashes and not strip. It is a much stronger glue, read the description and make sure it says something like semi permanent or longer lasting or holds for weeks. (something like that)

4. Individual Lash Remover - You wont need it just yet but have it just incase, when you need to take them off its handle to have around.

and a mirror - if you have a magnifying mirror that would be even better!


So firstly set out your little station get your lashes ready, pour some glue onto the clear lid of the lash box. (pea size will do)

Get a lash out of the box using tweezers, then dip the lash into the glue so you have a little ball at the end.

Raise your eyebrow and using your other hand place it where your socket is and pull the skin. Insert the lash from the outer corner in above you waterline under your natural lashes. The glue dries very quick so you wont need to hold it down, the chemical may sting your eyes but it wont kill you, do try and make sure you don't get in on your eyeballs.

Repeat the steps again inserting each lash as closely as you can next to each other. Try and not start too far out and put lashed too close to the inner side of your eye as it may irritate you.

I used one pack for both eyes took about 20 minutes and


I love it..getting ready in the morning has shorten!! It's now half the time! :)

Nails Inc Special effect - Magnetic Collection - Launched Today!!! September 2011

So it was my last day at work on Saturday and I was just strolling around the beauty hall when I caught eyes on this new range from Nails Inc.

(L) Big Ben (C) House of Parliament (R) Trafalger Square  

Okay so this is how it works..paint your nails normally with the polish, two coats to get it nice and even. It comes with a magnetic top which you take and hover over the wet polish for about 8-10 seconds. Lift it up and it should look like the picture below. Magic huh? I think its pretty you this ripple effect, very elegant. Everyone I showed was amazed by it and said it looks really good, some prefer it to the cracked effect. I used House of Parliament, the purple one.

Oh and they are £13rrp each!