Monday, November 15, 2010

Sulwahsoo Extra Refining Cream

Sulwahsoo Extra Refining Cream 60ml

Omg!!!! This cream is amazing, I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I have seen a difference in my skin. I normally have really bad skin, breakouts and uneven skin tone which means a load of foundation to cover my imperfections and scars, but after using this cream for just 3 weeks my scars have started to slowly fade and im getting fewer outbreaks and pimples and a much better complextion. 10 out of 10!!!!!

Its made with Korean herbs and has a rich and smooth texture to it so little goes a long way. It contains a ingredient called Red Pine which is grown on a little island near the west coast of Korea where the air is unpolluted which adds to the value of this herb, it is said to promote firm and healthy skin, it also has anti aging benefits. Sulwahsoo Extra Refining Cream has a distictive aroma and it is adviced by Shuwahsoo experts that after applying the cream you should warm your hands and wrap it around your nose to take a breather of the herbs which will help relax you and provide you with the Red Pine energy.

Take a look at their website for there full range of products and thier step by step skincare routines and tips. 

This cream is only sold in stores in Korea and Hong Kong but can be purcahsed online, however prices are very shocked me to find out that this specific line is the most expensive range however with a lot of benefit, this cream sold online the cheapest I found was £294 ( YES!!!! Pricey right!!! it blue me away!!! However it is alot cheaper in Korea and Hong Kong near enough half the price. So if you have friends or family in those countries then you better tell them to get it for but defenately an amazing cream, just extremely pricey. I couldnt afford it just been stealing it from my granny because im broke and I've ran out of my creams so thought to research online and buy some for me and my gran but after finding out the prices I doubt ill be buying this cream unless im loaded lol just to much pennies for me to be saving, now im scared to even use too much lol got to make this cream last!!! why do these cream got to be so expensive! =[


  1. LOL, you and your gran sound so cute. WOAH £294 a pop!!!!
    o megan what iphone app are you using for blogger? i can't seem to find one!

  2. hehehe thanks hun =] yes expensive right! but hopefully I can get my relatives in HK to ship it over, will be more cost effective that way =]

    The app im using on my iTouch is called iBlogger.. but the annoying thing is that yout cant use it for tumblr, i still cant find a app with apple that lets you use tumblr, but blackberry has a tumblr app so i update that with bb and blogspot with my iTouch =]

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