Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Moment of Collected Thoughts - Accusations!!

Why do we get accused????

Don't understand why people love to start rumours, like to exaggerate and make things bigger than what they are. Does it make them feel better? Does it make them happier when they see others getting hurt or suffer?

Why do some people like putting others down? Does it make that person feel better about themselves?

Or how can some people just treat others like dirt and have no moral or remorse in the actions or things they do or say.

Some people explains that this is a dog eat dog world, or to succeed sacrifice must be made. So do these make up for the reasons why people insult, betray and step above others to achieve their goals?

what are the reason for us being accused for certain things we do in life? for good or for bad we all get accused of something, some choose to stay quiet and let the truth speak for itself and some chooses to be the author of the story.

Has it been mistaken or is it all just a big mistake?

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