Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good news, Bad news, Choices, Dilemas.

So I've now graduated and it's every graduates worse nightmare, finding that job. That one job that you hope you'll end up loving and never want to leave, while still having fun because we all miss being students, all you do everyday all year round is drink!!!!! eat sleep and occasionally going into lectures to get that vital handout about those never ending assignments (well that was me of course). Oh how I miss them days.

I came out of uni with the ambition and desire to go into the industry I love, one to many of course. I wanted to become makeup artist, having my own beauty salon, becoming someone important and high up in a profession which should involve my degree in someway, somewhere a long the lines of marketing and advertising and media and cultural studies *deep breath* yes had to repeat that every time someone asked me 'So what do you study?'

Somewhere in that process of searching for my goal in life I got lost, stuck in this dream and reality, starting tiptoeing and jumping from one thing to another, afraid of never finding a job, having no income (no more student loan!!!) what was real and what was achievable, what was just a dream to big for me to reach or maybe with a lot of determination... I will get there cos like they say 'never give up your dream' and hey 'nothing is impossible if you just believe right?' well I tell myself that all the time and with my beautiful friends there to support and push me in the right direction I will one day make it!! oh yes I will!

So with all these dreams in mind, I decided to take some action into the problems that worried me. So of I go applying for jobs and researching on extra courses i can take. So I find these courses that I'm interested in and find a job which I would love to do, just hoping I'll pass the interview and get given the role. I get tied down with my other worry in life, my family (very complicated business).

And of course things never turn out the way I want. (Knew it was coming!)

So tomorrow I'm throwing myself into this job I have lined up that I have no clue about so learning from scratch so it's just like being back in uni where I'm going to be learning new things again this time round on something I'm not to interested about or keen on but hey it's life. You cant always get what you want right? Well at least i'll get that pay check at the end of the month where I can go out and get absolutely hammered of course (good old fun times) and feel rich for one day before I splash it all out on the alcohol and a massive shopping spree, oh yes! I can see that day coming.

I deciding to start this blogging business which has always intruded me but never really plucked up the courage to start one. Thought the time has come for me to start jotting down my thoughts and ideas and things I enjoy, as a way of relaxing, doing things I like, me time I suppose, and somewhere in this convo between me and you.. I'll find myself. =D

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