Monday, August 15, 2011

My 'OMG I love this!' Product time!!

Brand: Benefit Cosmetic
Product: Porefessional
One Liner (if you want to know :)): 'Complexion porefession in a tube'
Prime function: Base for foundation/powder/concealer
Price: £23.50 rrp
Can be found: Benefit Boutiques/Department Stores (Debanhams, John Lewis, Boots, House of Fraser etc)

With silicone extract this balm helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Can also be used on top of foundation, especially focusing on the T-zone as it helps matify and take away the shine, leaving you with a silky appearance, it feels really smooth too. It is very light weight, feels a bit like a powder, applies on easily. Really good for people with large pores/ fine lines you can really see results. Its also great just by itself as it gives the illusion that the skin is flawless to cover blemishes just use concealer and it blends in well with the balm giving you a really natural look. 

Brand: Batiste
Product: Dry Shampoo & Body Booster
Function: greasy hair? no time to wash it? not to worry...dry shampoo is here! bonus feature, it adds texture for instant volume.. YAYAH!!
Price: £3.99 rrp
Can be found in: Superdrug/Boots/Supermarkets etc

This stuff is amazing! Banishes greasy looking and feeling hair, in just a few sprays you get to where you want. I used to use the original one, there's different smells so leaves your hair not just looking good but smelling good too. I love this one in particular because its got this funny texture in it which makes hair rough, a bit of a powdery feeling adding volume/messy style that i am going for these days, superb for back combing/ just got out of bed look! great for people who's hair is flat and soft. I use this even if my hair isn't greasy because I just love what I can do to my hair with this and it holds/stays in till you wash, but I find it a bit hard to style the next day as its really rough and hard to brush, so ill end up tying it up still gives me a messy hair do look which i also like. Overall I Love it! :)


  1. Love your new Sleek palette! It's a bit out of my comfort zone as I do not tend to use colours like this on me... but love seeing others use it~

    Really enjoy your blog... I'm a new follower :)


  2. Hi :) thankyou.. I love them colours gna use them colours for my makeup at the wedding this weekend, will def post pictures up of my makeup :) love your blog too :) new follower to u too x