Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bank Holiday weekend of fun!!

This bank holiday weekend has been so exhausting. Went out on Saturday and Sunday night both nights was fun packed! full of alcohol!!! lack of sleep and being in heels far too long..feet, back, whole body is aching mad!! had KFC and Macdonalds so bad but was much needed :) A few pictures (of course from the toilet breaks) from one crazy night out again!


Im wearing a black playsuit with a pink and black bow from Topshop Oxford Street concessions cant remember the price, bought it from the sales last summer..

love it!

Black tights from H&M 

Pack of 2 for £5.99 (i think!) really good quality and comfy fit

Makeup from barryM

Lipstick - Shocking Pink - £4.49 rrp
Lip gloss -  Bubblegum Pink - £4.49 rrp
From Superdrug
Had pink lipstick and Lipgloss from Barry M but cant see it in the pictures but here are the two products.. Hot Pink..Lovely colours. 
Lip stick stains your lips a bit but i guess thats a good thing if your out all night, just a touch of lipgloss and the colour is still there. the lipgloss smells of bubblegum, a bit like hubba bubba :)

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