Saturday, November 12, 2011

My New Cleanser..Garnier's Exfo-Brusher Wash!!

So I was introduced to this Garnier face wash by my good friend and yes I have now been converted, this has now replaced my as my daily cleanser. 

Reasons why I love it 1. The bristles help gentle exfoliate removing any dead skin cells/makeup that my wipes did not remove and just generally buffing my skin. (I like to say it's kinda like the Clarisonic but a manual one lol and cheaper)  2. The gel turns into a form once applying it to the skin in circular movements with the brusher, it leaves a fresh cooling sensation after washing - give you that clean feeling 3. The skin generally gets worse after using for a few days but thats because its lifting the dirt/pores to the surface layer and then after a week or so my skin has turned smoother, more glowing and pores and marks are less obvious. 

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