Friday, November 4, 2011

Another Photo Shoot..Another Step Closer

I've been quiet a busy bee lately, planning photo shoots building and collecting ideas for my portfolio as a variety of styles and genres are a must to show versatility. it's important to show a range and skills as mentioned by Nicci Jackson (my mentor from MUSE School) at least 10 different shots are needed before I can approach agencies and try to assist other top MUA, so for now its just practice and self learning.

Over the weekend I did my first location shoot with my lovely friend Jennifer Chan, We did some Fashion, Beauty and Glamour shots, Here are some images :) Hope you like them.

Some behind the scene images I took on my phone :)

Some of the makeup i used..had to use my car at my for makeup and wardrobe..thats how its got to be when your on location..anywhere has got to do!

And..the some final images!!!!

Amazing images, had such a great day with the photographer, model and hey Jennifer's friend bought his Porsche along for the props..nice car right :)

Photographer: Jignesh Patel
Model: Little Jen
Hair & Makeup: Megan Chan
Props: Prosche - Piranavan Vimalraj

Now I'm at home resting and blogging because I caught a nasty cold from this very cold day! I always get ill :( such a weak immune system..don't know how Jennifer survived without any warm clothes!!

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