Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My week at MUSE Makeup School

My blog has been very much neglected for the last week or so :( and this is why...

I've been a busy bee studying at London MUSE

Last week Monday was my first official day at London Muse makeup style and education school, I went for the advance course which was a 6 day intense course with a photo shoot with photographer Joel Anderson on the 7th day. Still waiting for the finial photos to arrive, can't wait!!

My week at MUSE was phenomenal, words can't explain my experience, makeup artist and director of MUSE Nicci Jackson was a fantastic mentor, she taught, guided and provided us with so much knowledge and inspiration to follow our dreams of becoming a professional artist. I learnt so much in just one week and my confidence and creativity has truly blossom! Nicci and the pro team are amazing, they were always there to support us and help with any problems and difficulties with had. I am now a proud member of the MUSE family.

Truly would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to get into the world of makeup! MUSE really supports you all the way and helps you reach your dreams! They have defiantly helped me!

Here are some pictures of my incredible journey.

Nicci's demonstration on perfect skin 

Creative day by Nicci

My shot of creativity 

Creating aging skin

Lucy (MUSE pro team member) after her makeover

Me and B's Makeover

Yannick Zurcher Makeup Artist demonstration on Glamour Makeup

My work & Face Chart designs below

Shopping day!!!! My Crazy MAC spree <3

At Charles Fox - Glamour Demonstration on his lovely model by Chris Dennis

Laura and I - Glamour makeup and tanning ourselves up! 
Look at the colour of my face compared to my neck lol thats 3/4 shades darker

Photoshoot day!!!

Our scene

Work Stations x

Thankyou Nicci, Antonia, Di and the MUSE Pro Team <3

Website link to MUSE

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