Thursday, February 24, 2011



Cover FX makeup special formulated for troubled skin, excellent coverage without looking overly made up.

Proven by doctors and dermatologist to be an excellent product to cover acne and imperfections.

During my time at the IMATS i tried these products and it really gave me a flawless coverage, it did not look heavy either. Normally half way through the day I would break out with an oily complexion, however this didn't happen with the cover FX products.

These products can be bought in Harrods and selected House of Fraser stores, my collection was brought in the states, roughly costing around £25 each (roughly £38 each in UK, from what I remember the makeup artist at IMATS told me), but they do last long as minimal amount is needed. Here I have the matte foundation primer and anti acne treatment gel, which you apply after your moisturiser, its glides on really easy smooth and light, it can also be used at night as a gel for acne. After applying the cover FX cream based foundation, (which i use as a concealer), I'll apply the powder FX which is a mineral foundation, a little bit goes a long way. Last but not least a matte FX which has oil blotting facilities guaranteeing you not to shine! Excellent and lasts for the entire day...amazing stuff!!

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