Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYE 2010

Had an amazing night out with the Chans being able to spend my NYE with my good friend truly made me happy. A great start to the new year, hope this year will bring me joy and happiness.

That night was crazy, we got absolutely drunk its been awhile was nice to let our hair down and just had fun!! =D

At home just about to leave <3

Meg Meg & Viet Viet <3
Drink Drink Drink

We love our ice cubes lol

too much love for this guy <3

My outfit, was meant to wear this 2 years ago for nye with our masks, however that didn't happen due to unexpected events that happened tonight, finally got to wear it, pinned up at the back for a tail, Thanks to my bubba <3

drunk, mischievous Chans <3

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